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Located near Padra Taluka, Ranu village is more popular for its Tulja Mataji Temple which is considered to be 700 years old. Lacs of people visits here during Navratri festival to seek blessings. During Navratri days, the idol of Tulja Mataji is decorated with precious diamonds & rare jewelry given by Maharaja Malharrao Gaekwad, 150 years ago. After the festival is over, the diamonds & jewelry are kept in a locker in Padra. 150 years ago, Maharaja Malharrao Gaekwad was kept in prison by the Britishers. On the same day, Maharaja wished that if he is released before 12 AM of the same day, then he will offer precious diamonds & jewelry to Tulja Mata. By God's grace, they were released before 12 AM & did offer the precious things like a necklace, diamond-studded crown, ear-rings, Kanawa, bracelets, zanzar etc ! Tulja Mataji is kuldevi of the royal Gaekwad family. The family members still come here to seek the blessings on the 8th day of Chaitra Navratri & Aaso Navratri. Mahant Kavindragiri, the caretaker of temple says that 700 years ago Brahmshree Vishwambhar Giriji Maharaj came to Ranu village for worshipping Mataji & to serve the people. From blessings of Mataji, they lit a Diya near a small temple there. At the back side of the temple, they dug a small place called Mansarovar, where they found a statue of Mataji, which is the idol of Shri Tulja Mataji, now installed in the Temple. One can also see 700-year-old Diya till lit up inside the temple. People from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa, Kerala & from abroad come here to seek blessings from Mataji. During 8th day of Aaso Navratri & Chaitra Navratri, Havan is done for peace & prosperity of people & earth.

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