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During the 9th Century, Presently Akota was known as Ankottaka which was a little town and was famous for Jainism located on banks of River Vishwamitri in 5th and 6th Century A.D. Some of Signature Akota Bronze Images are still found in Baroda Museum. Architecture findings also date Baroda back to this time. The City was also referred to as Chandanavati, named after a Rajput King Raja Chandan. It is also believed that Baroda had two other Names at a different time which were – Virakshetra (A Land of Warriors) and Vatodar (in the Heart of Banyan Trees). People also say that areas near Baroda (Vat meaning Banyan Tree and Aodh meaning Tent/Canopy) were a type of forest, which was home to big groves of Banyan Trees that formed a Canopy kind of layer.

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